Graphic Designer


2019 - Present

Neo Group, Himayathnagar @ HYD

 Illustrations, Logos Design

2014 - 2018

GLOBAR ARTS @ Hyderabad Graphic Designs, illustrations, Arts

2017 - 2019

ELITE ARTS @ Visakhapatnam Logos, Professional Banner, Presentations

Graphic Designs, illustrations, Arts, 



Degree Bsc with Multimedia Course @ Chodavaram


Intermediate MPC Group


SSC Result with 75% TNP School


Photoshop 89%
WordPress 50%
Illustrator 71%
Premiere Pro 42%
Corel Draw 85%


  • www.designme.in
  • vsnkarthik@gmail.com
  • 9703191471
  • 9703988577

Knowing a little more from the last 5 years, I have always run my Future as a good graphic designer. What makes it meaningful and sure is your uniqueness. I think the work I do plays a vital role in everyone in Everyone and their Business. Whatever small business you do we are in a way what’s great about it and what kind of specialty is there in the market and we can get the details of import and export on social media. We will establish a definite relationship with you – buyers Business matters you share with us are secure. And to inform people who are passionate about them